All You Need to Know About Boom Concrete Pumping in Commercial Project

  • All You Need to Know About Boom Concrete Pumping in Commercial Project

    Gone are the days when concrete on commercial projects was poured manually. Construction those days was time-consuming, tedious and laborious.

    Thanks to concrete pumps, constructors no longer go through the trouble.

    Concrete pumps are machines used in the mixing and transferring of concrete to the desired destination.

    Examples of Concrete Pumps

    Concrete pumps are grouped into two categories;

    1. Line concrete pumps
    2. Boom concrete pumps

    Line concrete pumps are used in small and particularly residential projects.

    Our main focus today is on the boom concrete pumps. This article contains all you need to know about boom concrete pumps. What they are, their benefits and where you can use them.

    Boom Concrete Pumps: What are They?

    These types of concrete pumps are also known as truck-mounted concrete pumps. Just as the name suggests, these types have pumps fixed on trucks.

    The trucks have robotic arms. These arms are what help pour the concrete into the desired place. The robotic arm is what is called a boom.

    Boom Concrete Pumps: Benefits on Large Commercial Projects

    Unlike the line concrete pumps, these, are designed to be used in large commercial projects because of the following advantages;

    1.   Easy Accessibility

    Not all commercial projects are located in areas with easy accessibility. Despite some being arduous to locate, some are very interior and remote far from the highways.

    With boom concrete pumps you don’t have to go through the hustle. The robotic hands will deliver the mixed concrete even on elevated surfaces like in tell buildings.

    It doesn’t matter how tall the building is, boom pumps will pour concrete on bridges, skyscrapers and alleyways effortlessly.

    2.   Accurate and Precise

    You can never go wrong with boom pumps. These machines are designed to precisely place concrete at the exact location.

    It doesn’t matter whether the area is accessible by the workers or not, these pumps will accurately pour concrete even in areas with complex corners and angles.

    3.   Save on Labor and Cost

    A while back on construction sites, you’d have found a lot of laborers working tirelessly to mix and pour concrete manually and still the aftermath wasn’t that fulfilling.

    The times are changing, in today’s commercial projects, efficiency, quality, accuracy, and time management are of priority.

    These needs have left a huge rift in the demand for skilled laborers and their supplies.

    But with the help of boom concrete pumps, there is less reliance on laborers. In return, project owners get to cut down on the cost, save time, manpower and energy.

    4.   Quality is guaranteed

    In the past, the mixing of concrete was manual. This led to the production of a low-quality mixture full of mud and garbage. The consistency was ever wrong.

    Concrete that is poorly mixed results in cracks, bumps and shrinkage. A boom concrete pump gives out a durable, high quality, ready-mixed concrete and of course, with the right consistency.

    Concrete produced from a boom pump requires less or no repairs at all. Usually, its Maintenance is always pocket friendly.

    5.   Boom Concrete Pumps Are Quick

    One can only imagine how long it took people to pour concrete on large commercial projects. A floor would probably take weeks. This was the main cause of delayed projects.

    But thank God for Boom concrete pumps, today projects are done on time, the process of pouring concrete is effective and it’s all because of the speed at which boom pumps work.

    Up to You

    Use these pumps in building foundations, driveways, industrial flooring, bridges, roads and residential construction.

    Employ a qualified company for pumping and mixing concrete and you’ll never miss a deadline.

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