When to use a Boom Pump vs Line Pump

  • When to use a Boom Pump vs Line Pump

    Concrete pouring can sometimes give you challenges especially when you want to pour to-hard-to reach places. This can be a big struggle when you don’t know which equipment to use.

    The introduction of a concrete pump has offered a suitable and most efficient way to overcome the challenges. 

    There are two types of concrete pumps depending on the construction project at hand:

    • Boom Pump
    • Line Pump

    The two pumps work differently, this means you can choose the one that is suitable for your project.

    Boom Pump

    A boom pump which is also known as a truck-mounted pump is mounted on the truck with an arm that is now a boom. 

    The arm can be controlled and is ideal for delivering concrete to the exact place you need it. A large amount of concrete can be poured quickly and also deliver concrete at heights.

    The rate and accuracy at which the boom pump can deliver concrete with high volume make it the perfect solution in large scale construction projects.

    A line Pump

    A line pump which is also called a stationary pump is more compact and mounted on a trailer. 

    It has a long hose that is mounted to a trailer for easy movement and delivery of concrete to the desired places. 

    The hose should be securely attached when using it in small construction projects. The hose can deliver concrete horizontally but with less speed. 

    A line pump can work at a speed of 20 to 90 cubic yards of concrete in an hour. This is why it is mostly recommended for small scale projects like residential units.

    Advantages of Using A Boom Pump

    The main advantage when using a boom pump is that you can pump high volumes of concrete in a very short time. 

    You can also deliver concrete from great heights with accuracy. 

    The boom arm is configured in a way that during construction you can move around the construction site without difficulties. 

    This means concrete can be pumped into inaccessible areas without any struggles.

    Boom Pump Concrete Applications

    A concrete boom pump has a high volume capacity and can pump concrete with a lot of speed. This makes it ideal in large scale projects that need huge volumes of concrete.

    It is best suited for the construction of a large building facility and bridges.

    Advantages of Using A Concrete Line Pump

    The concrete line pump has a hose that can also produce volumes of concrete to the required place. The hose makes it easy to direct pumped concrete horizontally and also extend it virtually as you want it. 

    Line concrete pumps are smaller as compared to boom pumps. This makes it easy to transport to the construction location.

    Line Pump Concrete Application

    A concrete line pump can be used in the construction of swimming pools and paving along the driveways. This is due to the small volume of concrete being pumped and it’s flexible to handle.

    Summary of Concrete Pumps

    When you have a large scale construction project which will require high volumes of concrete, then a boom pump will be your best option.

    This is because it can pump concrete of up to 150 cubic yards every hour. It can also reach great heights. A boom pump is also expensive as compared to a line pump.

    A line pump will be the best fit for smaller construction jobs. With a line pump, you are guaranteed to save some money. Although the concrete volumes are smaller than in their counterparts, it’s the best choice for small projects.


    It is very important to choose the right concrete pump for your construction job regardless of the project size.

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